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Children in Motion, lnc. A 5o1-C-3 Non-Profit Organization

Children in Motion

Our Mission

  • Provide a forum for open discussion of all matters of public interest for the sake of all youth in our community
  • Encourage children to serve their community and to encourage and promote high ethical standards in all things they do
  • Take an active interest in the social, cultural and moral welfare of our children and community
  • Create a spirit of understanding for all of the youth of our community
  • Unite a bond of friendship, good fellowship and a mutual understanding with and for children,
  • Promote the good principles of government and citizenship

What is Being Done?

Our primary objective is to contribute to the social well-being of the community through services to individuals and groups of individuals who, because of personal and family problems, social conflicts, or who may become involved in the criminal justice system.

S, 0. C. Children in Motion, lnc.’s mentoring program is designed to create lasting behavior changes. We will provide the youth with the tools and techniques to help them face day-to-day, real-world challenges. We will focus our work on helping behaviorally troubled teens take responsibility for their actions and turn their behaviors around.

Our Counseling Center is a key element of what we offer youth and their parents, with a full range of faith-based counseling services.

S.O.C. Children in Motion, lnc., provides one-on-one training for parents. Parents will learn simple parenting tools that will show them how to help their teen handle their problems appropriately and own their own.

About S.O.C. Children in Motion

S.O.C. Children in Motion, lnc., was organized in 2003. Since its inception, S.O.C. has had hands-on experience working with over 20,000+ youths.

We are a community-based organization serving all youths throughout the city of Beaumont and the Golden Triangle. 95% of the youths served are at-risk youth from low-income households. S.0.C. Children in Motion, lnc.’s goal is to reach a child prior to their teenage years and to help mold them to become valued contributors as well as positive influences in their community.

We have implemented self-discipline and self esteem-building programs that teach personal safety and-instill morals and principles. S.O.C, also provides academic tutorials as well as educational, recreational, and cultural opportunities.

We are most concerned with fostering spiritual growth as a way to promote healing in the lives of at-risk youth,

We realize that without a relationship with God, at-risk youth do not have a chance to take control of their lives and make positive decisions about how to live.

Toward that end, we have established our Counseling Center, using faith-based techniques.

Program Activities

  • Lamar Cardinal Basketball Camp
  • Lady Cardinal Basketball Camp
  • Soccer Camp
  • Movie Days
  • Summer Football Camp
  • Court House Educational Tours
  • Truancy Court
  • Juvenile Court
  • Saturday School/Tutoring
  • Motivational Lectures
  • Summer Safety Workshops
  • Citizen Building Workshops
  • Cultural Activities
  • Youth Recognition
  • Disaster Assistance

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Latest Events

Know Your Courthouse is S.O.C.’s annual event, for children ages 6 to 17, to learn about their county Courthouse and meet judges & other important people at our local Courthouse! Every child in attendance will receive a giveaway!

Wednesday, July 12th 2023


1149 Pearl St, Beaumont, TX 77701

Who are at Risk Youth?

A working definition of vouth who are at-risk can be described as follows:

  • Are in danger of placement outside the home
  • Have had negative contact with agencies society law enforcement, schools, etc.)
  • Have been impacted directly by the consequences of social ills present in society

A “high risk” youth:

  • Is identified as a child of an alocohol or substance abuser
  • Is a victim of physical, sexual or psychological abuse
  • Has dropped out of school
  • ls economically disadvantaged
  • Has committed a violent or delinquent act
  • Has experienced mental health problems
  • Has attempted suicide

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